Delacroix is since feb. 2011 situated at the  stables of the family Schwierkings in Diepholz, Germany Tyskland, where Katrine Kraglund is taking care of his education until he is sold. He develoups realy well, and so far Katrine has done a great job with him.

This is the newest video of Delacroix and Katrine from juni 2012

Delacroix is a bay gelding born 17.07. 2007 He is by Dimaggio out of Riviera by Florianus. Although late born he has developed well standing 179 cm.

He is beautifully sculptured with a fine curved neck. He has a very pleasant temperament with a lot of nerve, and his  gaits are created for for high dressage demands. His walk is from the start regular and correct, trot with an active hind leg and with "a high frontknee". His galop is self carrying and ground covering.
We have every reasons to expect a fine dressagecareer for Delacroix if further educated by the right person. .

Video from june 2012 Click here Video from june 2011 click here– Video from nov. 2010 (he has only been ridden 3 weeks.) Clic here  Video from the spring 2009 - click here - Autumn 2008 – click here or Spring 2008 click here.

Delacroix´mother is Riviera
, please look at her page under horses for sale.

His farther Dimmagio, Don Primero/World Cup I/Lindberg, is born 1995. (se below) He is World Champion of the 5 years old dresage horses and meanwhile winner of up to Interm. I. From his first crop 3 stallions were licensed and since then many more have been licensed in Oldenburg as well as in Honnover.
2007 his son Di Baggio placed in the the Hanoverian Riding Horse Championchip after having won the Meppen Dressage Festival Championchip. Many Dimaggio daughters are given 1 A prizez and his foals are extremely popular and sells at top prices at the auktions.
Dimaggios farther is a living legend: Don Primero, educated by Karin Rehbein, he was highly sussesfull in Grand Prix, and has sired many high placed riding horses.

His grandfather Florianus
Florestan/Damenstolz/Rigoletto is born 1998. (se left) Also he is educated by Karin Rehbein, and since 2006 they have won many Grand Prix classes, 2007 he was the most succesfull Westphalian stallion in Germany with an individual year profit of 22.000 €. Nationwide he takes place 11.